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Helping With:

Couples therapy: learn to reduce your stress and anxiety and relearn how to love each other.

Individual therapy: to find a better way to live and live authentically.

Depression: heal from the pain and cloudiness, bringing you back home to your True Self.

Mindfulness: learn how to be present without stress.

Post divorce adjustment: learn to heal from the past and enjoy the rest of your life.

Men’s issues: Learn to be strong and yet wise as you go thru your life.

“The experience of the Self is always a defeat for the ego.” — Carl Jung

Looking for a therapist is a difficult task. It takes great courage to start the process of healing. Placing yourself in the hands of a stranger with your most personal thoughts and feelings can be unnerving. That is the beginning of how I can help you.

For both individuals and couples, I want you to experience therapy like that of sitting with an elder at the campfire, sharing the traditional wisdoms. Listening to you and guiding you to a better place of understanding and healing.

In the old days, these elders told stories, guiding and teaching the younger women and men how to live as an adult in the world. In today’s world, I want you to feel like “good papa” is sitting at your kitchen table, talking about what is going on in your life. You might be sad, maybe angry, maybe crying, but later the “good papa”  speaks to the deeper parts of who you are, really hearing you in your true voice. This “good papa” comes from a place of love and wisdom, guiding those under his care to be more value-centered and move through their lives acting from those values.

If you feel like this type of experience could help you in your healing, please give me a call.

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