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Dr. Hoppock has helped me see past the surface of my own life and circumstances, helping to guide me to areas of greater depth and awareness. His kindness, skill, and clinical expertise have helped me clean the dirty windows of my life, allowing me to become more of who I was meant to be and less of what the world was telling me to be. Beyond being merely a gifted psychotherapist, Dr. Hoppock is that rarest of people – a true healer.
Quite simply, Dr. Bill saved my marriage and fixed my life. I am a better human being because of him.

When I came in to see Dr. Bill, I had tremendous back pain. Through our work and various treatment approaches, almost all the pain is gone and I can do my exercises.

Dr. Bill helped me with my struggle with a blended family. He helped me to center myself and learn to come from my values. Our work together saved my marriage.

Dr. Bill is a truly amazing marriage counselor. He’s highly in tune to how both men and women communicate, often serving as a conduit between myself and my husband. He’s taught us how to understand, respect, and love each other more than ever before.